Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Honesty & Intelligence of Alexis

Today I took Alexis across the street to the playground.  When we arrived there were two other children already there.  A little girl who was probably 4 or 5 and a little boy who was probably 5 or 6.  Alexis, being the outgoing little girl she is, immediately.  They were taller and a little quicker than her, so she kept yelling, "Hey Kids, wait for me."  Finally the little boy turned around and said, "We're not kids, we're bigger than you" and instantly Alexis fired back "But I'm smarter".  The little boy turned and walked away, I chuckled, and then had to explain to Alexis that that probably wasn't the nicest way to say it, but had to give her a high-five for her quick wit! 

Later today, Alexis and I ran to the Commissary to get some firewood and marshmallows.  We went the to "Do-It-Yourself" checkout.  At the end of the purchase the computer tells you, "Please use the pin pad below and press the enter button when finished."  After the computer finished, Alexis loudly and sarcastically says, "I'll push your enter button."

Oh the joys of having 2 wonderful children!  They keep us busy but we love you Alexis & Cloie!!!

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